I’m so proud of my results because I know a lot of words from the test. Undoubtedly, it helped me get this high score

Reading comprehension tests have always been my weak point as I can’t feel that subtle difference in the variants of answers.

September, 30. Results of the tests

These two games were quite alright. And I was really astonished after getting the results, especially, after the first one. The majority of the words (that can be used in my daily speech) were undoubtedly added to my quizlet as I consider them sophisticated.

I recently took a test Destination America Quiz, the result of which discomposed me. The main reason for my screw-up is rather related to the fact that I am not familiar with the information in it. Many names and concepts are completely unknown to me. But after reading the historical background in the correct answers, at least I got a little idea about historical figures and events from the quiz.

Here is my result

Tea with two tablespoons of sugar is killing you

-In fact, the Queen of Great Britain herself prefers tea with two tablespoons of sugar. So I follow her lead and add it to this wonderful drink!

-The drink is wonderful, but be on the alert next time so that instead of sugar there is no poison poured

Opera is harmful to hearing

-How dare you say that! I saw with my own eyes how you bought a pass to all opera performances in the theater! You are a two-bit liar, look at him!

-Your argument that I am a liar is an absolute slander! You yourself continue watching movies with Petrov, but you said that he is a terrible actor!

I stumbled upon this book long before the abhorrant and appalling events in Kazan and Perm. Åsne Seierstad has written an atrocious story about the massacre in 2011 of 69 boys and girls in a summer camp, and eight adults after a bomb attack in Oslo. …

I came across this video quite recently. I was attracted by the name. Less stuff, more happiness. In fact, the gist of this video fully reflects my opinion on things. I love minimalism. It really irks me when a bunch of small things are scattered in space. I detest keeping…

I continue working on my “Hard words for GRE” and I want to share a word that you can easily remember thanks to my short poem

Slander- ​a false spoken statement intended to damage the good opinion people have of somebody; the legal offence of making this kind of statement

What a vicious slander
that Starbucks’ bartender
Put to the coffee some coriander
To allergic to coriander Alexender
Now he has to find a defender

I recently took a course “Hard words for GRE” in the app Memrise and I’m eager to share the words that have stuck in my head. I want to note that some of them look alien to me.

  • maverick-(of a person) independent, with unusual opinions
  • antediluvian- very old-fashioned (this is the hardest word for me to remember)
  • neophyte- a person who has recently started an activity

Just a poem

I reached for the shelf to take my life-saving sleep pill

Closing my eyes in the hope of impeccable sleep,

But I was woken up by a sounding trill

It turned out that my dream was not incredibly deep

Trying to make out something in the dim…


I’m not in control of my muse. My muse does all the work. Ray Bradbury

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